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5.0 out of 5 stars Game-changer book. By TallGuy

The truths in this book will change how you think about God, finances, and provisions.  This book is a game-changer.

5.0 out of 5 stars Life-Changing Truths, By Cindy

If you want to see God working in your life, read this book and the follow what the Lord prompts you to do with the resources He has provided. When we come to realize that everything we have is owned by God and only ours to use, we learn not only to open our hands, but our eyes are opened to the additional blessings that we take for granted. Thank you Brian for opening my eyes so that I can open my hands and let God's will be done.

5.0 out of 5 stars This book changed me!  By Rhonda Merritt (Pennsylvania)

This book has really changed how I'm living, spending my money, etc. It has brought back the importance of giving, of sharing what I have and realizing that God owns it all anyway. We were actually contemplating bankruptcy due to so much debt, etc, but reading this book has changed my way of thinking, and we are starting to slowly manage our money better, and start giving (again- we had slipped away from it due to our overwhelming bills)

5.0 out of 5 stars Bloggers Book Review,  By Molly (Texas)

While the phrase financial stability may make your ears perk up due to the current state of our economy, Kluth's perspective on security originates from a different source than greenbacks.

He hits the topic of career first: more important than what you can earn is what God does provide. It's so easy for me to become consumed with my skill set and abilities. But whether you're looking for a job, unhappy with where you're at, or certain you have found the "it" job- circumstances and life have a way of making us all confront our shortcomings. "Seemingly secure things can and do change- and not always for the better. In fact, the only certainty in our economy is change" (113). And that's when God needs to be acknowledged and turned to.

God is the Source of every good thing including our work and the ability to do it... (page 28)

I love the statement Kluth shares, 'The question is not "Will God provide?" but "Will we live lives that glorify our provider?"' (page 35). I have been so thankful to have this book close by as I going through personal transitions and make plans concerning things I have never done before. I am learning that I can not depend on just my own smarts, money and resources. When we choose to trust God, and put our lives in their entirety into His hands, He uses those things in ways we never even imagined, and it is a privilege to see our lives being molded by Him.

5.0 out of 5 stars Every Christian Needs This Message,  By Cindy at Books and Chocolate

This is not a book on how to invest, budget, or manage money. Instead, it takes the Christian reader into the heart of God as the one who provides, whether it be through an employer, the generosity of others, or in ways we couldn't dream of. The message is, no matter what the circumstances, no matter the source of income, God alone is the true provider. Ultimately our security doesn't lie in stable finances or a debt-free life but rather in Jesus Christ as Savior.

On a personal note, our family wasn't nearly as affected by the recession of the past couple of years as so many in our area were. But, given the field my husband works in (construction), the possibility of losing his job was always and still is a concern. This book was such an encouragement to me and brought me to a place of being able to surrender that fear to God completely as we rest on the truth that he will provide every need no matter what happens to us or around us.

I like that the author includes practical wisdom such as encouraging the reader to become debt-free, be wise with how one spends money, and to learn to be generous with what one has. But with every practical point he drives home the truth that God is the unfailing source behind every venue of provision. Those in the faith cannot help but come away with a renewed sense of peace despite uncertain times.

5.0 out of 5 stars Brian is the real deal   By craigandtina_upnorth (WI)

I have known Brian for more than 10 years and I have always been encouraged by his spoken and written words. He lives what he speaks and speaks what he lives. And his words are full of grace, timely Biblical truth and relevant and funny stories. I appreciate him a ton because he has left a big mark on my own personal views of money and life.

I LIVE DIFFERENTLY today because of Brian's impact on my life and my wife's. This is worth the read, especially so because we are bombarded daily by wrong thinking about money, generosity and "stuff." It's hard to think rightly in this area without a regular filling of good teaching.


5.0 out of 5 stars Experiencing God, Not Money,  By Robert Rose

In the midst of this depressed economy, people are needing more than just a lecture on how to create a workable budget or a spending plan. They need help in maintaining emotional stabiity and mental sanity. In a very concise way, Brian has addressed that internal world of people, which is suffering greatly nowadays because of financial pressures. This is the best thing I have read lately on the spiritual and financial development of people. A breath of fresh air, indeed.

5.0 out of 5 stars encouraging and comforting read,  By Jean Robertson

I read Experiencing God as your Provider in 4 hours. I was so captivated that I couldn't put it down. I couldn't wait to hear the next story about how God would provide. I just loved the personal stories...as so many times I think "that only happens to other people, not me." Yet in looking back, God has been my provider.

With our world in such chaos, food and gas prices soaring, unrest all over the world, I was comforted by what Brian had to say about God being our provider. Brian always brings the reader back to the Scriptures and shows how God truly is our provider.


5.0 out of 5 stars engaging, By Sandy

This is a wonderful book to read in these hard economic times. The stories are about real people and true-to-life situations. We all struggle with making ends meet on our income. Seeing that God is not just a provider, but the owner of all we have gives us the freedom to sit back and watch Him work as we learn to be generous with our resources, talents and time. It's a great read and a practical guide toward financial freedom and generosity!

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to read book filled with Biblical wisdom about money, By Mark Fechter

Brian's easy to read book with very interesting testimonies is a valuable tool for anyone who struggles with money. The main emphasis in the book is "God owns everything and is our provider". This is a hard thought to grasp in a "Do it My Way World". I am purchasing more books for my adult children, as this is a great tool for survival in the financial world that has gone crazy.

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read for ANYONE! True advice lived out!  By J. Siefert (Wisconsin)

I read this book when given to me a few months ago and have since recommended it to many and passed a copy on to others. As always, Brian speaks the truth of God's word backed up with scripture all along the way. But more importantly, this book is part of a living example of these truths in action. There are countless real-life stories in the book to back up each truth and I have the privilege of knowing many of these people to know they are truth. Actually, our family is part of a story in the book. That situation and the generosity imposed on us has impacted our lives for the better in so many ways. Seeing someone faithfully live out these truths have spurred us to do the same and teach them to our children. We have been able to "pay it forward" so to speak, but I prefer to give God the credit and saying we've had the privilege of now being used by Him to help others. We still have an incredibly long ways to go to live God's truths to their fullest and be fully used by Him every single moment of the day, but the growth in the last 2 years has been great! I am also seeing wonderful examples in my children as I teach them the truths of scripture about money and God's provision. It would be great if we could teach these principles to each child as we teach economics and accounting rather than the focus on the consumerism they are constantly bombarded with today. This is a wonderful and easy/quick read and well worth the price and time you'll put into it. Thank you Brian for continuing to share and live God's truth with courage.




Experience God as

Your Provider

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Messages Brian gave on at a conference (Mp3 files)

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12 Keys to Financial Stability & 10 Ways God Provides

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#1 Bestselling 40 Day

Generous Life Devotional

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How to Increase Church Giving:

50 Best Practices & 80 Best Websites

Brian Kluth, was in a two day meeting with pastors and leaders from some of America's leading churches.  In this meeting he asked the question, "What are the best practices/websites you use to teach people Biblical financial principles, inspire generosity, and increase giving?"  In this eBook you'll find the answers, best practices, best websites, and much more!

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50 Ideas eBook



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PLUS BONUS ITEM: Bestselling 40 Day Generous Life devotional

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Online Generosity eDevotional





Executive Summary & 10 Graphs on Church Giving, Budgeting & Generosity Trends

This Executive Summary provides research findings from surveys from over 1000 churches.  News of this research was covered in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, National Public Radio, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and major newspapers across the country and around the world.



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#1 Bestselling Generosity Bible Devotional  Click to preview

40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life

Hundreds of churches have ordered copies of this devotional to give to every family in their congregation.  This proven resources has inspired generosity and increased giving.

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40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life

Tens of thousands of dollars were invested to provide COMPANION RESOURCES to churches using the 40 Day Generous Life devotional.  In this Online/Digital 40 Day Campaign Kit, you will receive a leader video, videos for churches services, videos for small groups & SS classes, children's materials, posters/banners, sermon helps, and much more!

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AUDIO TEACHINGS & DISCUSSION VIDEOS for the 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life

On this disk, Brian Kluth teaches through each of the 40 Days of Biblical financial/generosity principles (40 Mp3 files).  He then teaches 26 additional lessons on learning to experience God as your Provider (26 Mp3's).  He also tells short radio stories about people's "journey to generosity" (40 more Mp3 files).  In addition, the disk includes 7 computer videos that can be used as weekly discussion starters for groups or Sunday school classes that are using the 40 Day devotional.

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Disk with Audio & Video files



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DVD Video of Seminar:


Because I Love You

FAMILY ORGANIZER  Click to preview

This attractively designed and comprehensive planning organizer will be a great blessing to anyone you give it to.  There are over 40 pages of "fill-in-the-blank" forms related to household matters, finances, family history, medical history/wishes, funeral wishes, estate planning helps, and much more!  Available in a paper OR digital Microsoft Word version.  A DVD of Brian teaching this material as a 90 minute seminar is also available for $10 more.


This Family Organizer make a great AFFORDABLE & APPRECIATED GIFT for...

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"Financial Funnies" Cartoons Click to preview cartoons

Do you need to add a little financial humor to your seminars, reports, committee meetings, bulletins, newsletters, websites, blogs, sermons, office bulletin board, or print publications?  Then check out the 52 color cartoons on generosity, finances, church giving, insurance, banking, and more!  Most professional cartoons copyright reprint permissions cost over $100 for a SINGLE cartoon!  But you can have all 52 color cartoons (and their 52 B&W versions) for just $29.95 for unlimited non-commercial use. 





52 Color Cartoons &

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"JUMP START" Your Church Giving KIT of downloadable Generosity Resources

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Over 2000 churches have ordered this ONLINE INTERNET bundle of resources to inspire greater generosity and increase giving.  Individually these materials sell for over $800, but any church or ministry can purchase a copyright subscription for just $49.95.


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Brian Kluth   Cell: 719-930-4000  Land line phone: 719-594-0240  Email: bk@kluth.org

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